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Secret alchemy.

It all starts with a sparkle.

SERUM FOUNDATION 010 14,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping


A beautiful base for perfection.

PRIMER SERUM 12,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping

The best makeup you can wear is a smile... L.O.V makes faces light up

The exclusive range of makeup products in the L.O.V online store can help you achieve a perfectly even and flawless complexion of almost otherworldly beauty – as if a professional makeup artist had been at work. Primer is always the basis of professional-looking makeup. With the PERFECTitude Mattifying Primer for greasy or oily skin and the PERFECTitude Primer Serum, you can be sure that your skin is excellently prepared for an application of foundation. The EVENelixir Serum Foundation combines the characteristics of a long-lasting, moisturizing foundation with the extremely effective ingredients of a high-performance serum. Its incredibly gentle formula blends seamlessly into the skin, perfecting your complexion with its medium coverage. THE Undressed 12H Moisturizing Foundation is another must-have for anyone craving a naturally fresh, flawless, smooth-looking complexion – for up to 12 hours. The LOVtime 18h Long Lasting Foundation with SPF 20 even lasts for up to 18 hours. Dark circles, small imperfections, and unwanted shadows can be expertly hidden using concealers. The COVERStory Serum Concealer offers a unique combination – blending great coverage with a nourishing serum for stunning beauty that lasts. Dark circles and fine lines can also be disguised with the EFFECTful Concealer Pen, enhancing your complexion and making your skin glow. A talented all-rounder and ideal travel companion, the luxurious CONFIDENTIAL Camouflage Concealer Palette brings together four “secret weapons” that have been perfectly matched to create unbelievably flawless skin when used together. Once your makeup has been applied, you can achieve a superb finish with a light, mattifying powder. Even used on their own, powders can work real wonders on your complexion. In the L.O.V online store, you will find an exclusive selection of professional powder products, including the DUAlist 2in1 Powder Foundation. A wonderful finishing touch, it sets your makeup in place for even longer wear. For unparalleled perfection, check out the PERFECTitude Translucent Loose and PERFECTitude Translucent Compact Powders – their irresistible silky-smooth formula keeps makeup looking its best all day long. A seductive glow and fresh, healthy-looking radiance can be accomplished using blush and bronzing products like the HEARTful Healthy Glow Blush and the LOVsun HD MATTE BRONZER. The secret to defined contours and shimmering highlights? The PERFECTitude Face Contouring Palette.