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L.O.V Brush Collection – Professional, vegan makeup brushes

The L.O.V brush collection includes nine professional makeup brushes providing you with the perfect, effortless makeup results. Each of the nine vegan brushes from THE Brush Collection has been developed for selected makeup routines and products. The L.O.V EVENelegance Foundation brush is the ideal brush to apply foundation with an even and flawless complexion. The L.O.V HIGHLYconfidential Concealer Brush is the secret to an unforgettable, fascinating look! It lends an expert touch to cover up dark circles under the eyes and small blemishes, and creates a flawless appearance. The L.O.V PERFECTional Duo Contouring Brush is a dual-end brush for a perfectly modelled & contoured face. The flat brush defines and highlights the face and the rectangular side can be used for soft blending and shading. The rounded shape of the L.O.V LOVLY Powder & Blush Brush delivers the perfect makeup finish for a radiant appearance. The small, soft vegan brush hairs are brilliantly suited to apply powder, bronzer and highlighter. The L.O.V THE GLOWful Face Definer Brush is the glamourous powder brush for perfectly defined makeup. The brush’s tulip shape is ideally matched to the contours of the face for smooth and easy shading, blending and highlighting. For unique eye makeup, the L.O.V THE VISIONist Eyeshadow Shader is the perfect tool. The soft eye shadow brush creates a breath-taking look. The tightly-packed, rounded vegan bristles allow for a simple and professional application and effortlessly emphasises and accentuates the area around the eyes. The L.O.V HARMONic Eyeshadow Blender is a soft eye shadow brush ideal for perfected and smooth blending and shading. The small, flexible bristles are ideally matched to the fold of the eyelids and smoothly blend the eyeshadow, perfecting every eye makeup look. The perfect eyeliner in the blink of an eye with the L.O.V blurreDESIRE Smudger Brush! The fine eye brush is ideal for applying and blending eye shadow and eyeliner. Even smoky eyes look as professional as if a makeup artist had applied his touch. For an indescribably even application and precise definition of the lip contour, the L.O.V LIPlure Lip Brush is the right choice. This elegant lip brush can provide precise definition with liquid and creamy lip textures. Perfection with every application.