Winter Collection

A unique product experience...

Full of fascination & diversity!

L.O.V - The new luxury for lips, eyes, nails and skin. The Point of Sale does exactly reflect these high demands and creates a fascinating world. Selective, graceful and elegant. Lovely details can be found all over and make L.O.V so unique: Textures for all senses, intense and captivating colors, amazing packaging – fascinating products that you just have to try.

L.O.V is so convincing – with an impressive high quality, as well as innovative and exclusive products. It is not just about applying a product, it is a whole product experience. With textures and colors that speak for themselves.
Shop Experience

Pull-out drawers

You fell in love with a product? Then just pull out the drawer and take out the product of your choice.
Shop Experience

Just try!

Eye-catching full-size testers make it easy to get to know the products.

Finding the right product

L.O.V loves color and invites you to try the products

In front of every product you will find the corresponding tester product. So textures and shades can be experienced individually. Get to know the products and the amazing world of L.O.V. And if you fell in love with a product, just pull out the drawer of the beauty shop and take the product of your choice. The products for sale are wrapped in a transparent foil to guarantee the best product quality (except for the nail lacquers).


The highlight area

Innovation & trends - the beauty shop contains an area where changing assortments are shown. Discover amazing exclusive and limited collections and inspiring innovations.


Pull-out drawers

L.O.V has a great shade diversity. Trying products and experiencing the amazing product quality is key. If you want to buy a certain product, pull out the drawer with the tester products and take out the product of your choice. It is really easy.


Attractive Price

L.O.V is a luxury that every woman should allow herself. Selective, high-class and for an astonishingly affordable price. All product prices can be found on the text stripe in front of each product.
Experience the products of L.O.V in a totally new and innovative way. Decide for an inspiring brand expedition...