Duo Contouring Brush

  • Shaping, defining and emphasizing flat brush.
  • Square tip to soften and blur transitions.
  • Pairs with L.O.V PERFECTitude Face Contouring Palette.
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L.O.V is expressive.
PERFECTional Duo Contouring Brush makes it easy to sculpt the contours of your face. Whether you want to conceal small flaws or emphasize facial features, this makeup tool truly fosters self-expression.


Fine sculptor's brush

Use the flat brush to define and emphasize contours, then soften and blur the transitions using the square tip. PERFECTional Duo Contouring Brush pairs with L.O.V PERFECTitude Face Contouring Palette to contour, sculpt, and shade your face. Artistically, yet easily.

The story behind

Ask any makeup artist: only the right tool can maximize state-of-the-art makeup!
THE Brush Collection includes 5 different tools, each designed for a specific purpose and a specific L.O.V product – in a word each brush is here to achieve a specific result... and to a breathtaking look. Only the best is good enough for superlative makeup!