Expensive? No, simply good.
Treat yourself and, yes, just L.O.V yourself! L.O.V loves you and we love make-up – we’re just crazy about it. That’s why L.O.V only creates products that we love and use ourselves, and that we would also recommend to friends. We are all about quality. Be demanding. Ask for the best. Always. For everything. Look out for the L.O.V Q factor!

Q factor #1

L.O.V has the highest quality standards and controls. We exclusively use premium ingredients and resources you can trust in. Our products are extremely skin-friendly – and that’s not just because most of them are vegan.

Q factor #2

The majority of L.O.V products is made in the EU. We know that European producers have the longest experience and the highest requirements when it comes to ambitious quality. However, there are also products in our range that do not come from Europe … the world’s best eyeliners, for example, simply come from Korea!

Q factor #3

We’re real animal L.O.Vers. L.O.V has never (ever!) conducted or assigned any animal testing and we will never ever do so in the future. Obviously, we don’t tolerate animal testing from any of our suppliers either. That’s why we are listed with PETA: https://kosmetik.peta.de/deutschland/ 

Q factor #4

With L.O.V, make-up becomes a sensual experience: rich, intensive textures, high pigmentation, amazing scents, beautiful designs and the satisfying sounds of closing a lipstick tube – we go crazy for every detail. We seal our products individually to make sure, that the product’s quality when sealed is exactly the same when you open it for the first time. This not only guarantees a completely hygienic product, but also reduces outer packaging waste during transport and storage.

Q factor #5

INNOVATION is our top priority. Often, we’re the first ones to launch innovative trend products for you onto the cosmetics market. Even if we do so quickly, we never compromise on our quality. See Q factors #1–4.

Q factor #6

L.O.V loves breaking the rules. L.O.V causes a stir in the cosmetics market. L.O.V alone always provides you with outstanding quality and high-performance products (see Q factors #1–5) that you will normally only find at a perfumery, but at an impressive price.

Q factor #7

We really want to know what you think about our products. By learning from you, we have a better idea of what and how to improve. Therefore, we regularly conduct surveys among our consumers. So, don’t be surprised if you receive a message from us or if we ask for your opinion on Facebook. Let us know what you think, honestly. We can handle the truth!

Quality: high end. Price: sensational. L.O.V yourself.