We L.O.V Hatice Schmidt

We admire Hatice Schmidt not only for her expressive looks, but also for her loyalty to herself. Now the Queen of Beauty YouTuber has created an exclusive make-up collection together with us, which embodies Hatices unmistakable, casual- and self-confident style. The focus is on maximum effects, strong colors and of course the must-haves for the typical Hatice-look.


Hatice has the hottest colors of the season for you.

Hatice’s Favorite: The selection of colors represent a perfect combination of neutral and expressive, color-intense shades. Matte, creamy and metallic textures unite all of Hatice’s favorite colors. 15 highly-pigmented eyeshadow colors with the unique and individual names “Muddi” (German slang for Mom), “Bish listen” and “Slay” are all an expression of Hati’s strong personality – you go girl! The elegant matte packaging gives the palette a luxurious yet tough look.


“Hati’s shade” is a must-have for every self-confident Beauty-Queen.

The Liquid Lipstick with a matte finish won’t stain and lasts ultra-long without drying out the lips. The international trend color ultraviolet has inspired Hatice in her selection of colors. Whether intensive purple or bold burgundy – the four highly pigmented lipstick must-haves with the names “1986“, “Snitches”, “Berlin” and “Hati’s shade” guarantee an ultimate snatchy look.


For the Crash Boom Bang-Effect - Hatices Lashes are an eyecatcher

Hati without fake lashes? No way! In Hatice’s opinion, fake lashes are an absolute must-have for a perfect make-up look. For L.O.V, she has created feathery-light, synthetic lashes that flawlessly attach to the natural lashes. The two versions “100 Berlin” and “110 Istanbul” not only offer dramatic volume, they also spread the multi-cultural flair of the two
cities closest to her heart.