Winter Collection


Even Effect Base Coat
€ 6.99
incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Quick Dry 2in1 Base & Top Coat
€ 6.49
incl. VAT plus shipping costs

L.O.V base coat – the perfect basis for immaculate nails

If you want your nails to look flawless and for the color of your lacquer to keep on dazzling, you’ll need a perfect basis. The LOVinity Even Effect Base Coat offers this and much more besides. It instantly smooths imperfections to form an impeccably even surface, offering the best possible conditions for a perfect bond between the lacquer and the nail. Wear is demonstrably extended by up to three days, the color and brilliance of the lacquer are showcased to better effect, and early chipping and other signs of wear are reduced. The base coat has an equally strong protective instinct when it comes to discoloration – you’ll be seeing none of that here!