Powder & Blush Brush

  • Precision soft bristles that pick up the exact amount of blush.
  • Flawless finish and gentle blush application.
  • The rounded shape that is ideal for L.O.V powders, bronzers & highlighters.
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Chic cheeks, sublime looks

L.O.V is gifted.
Because perfect make-up is about the fine line between too much color and not enough, LOVLY POWDER & BLUSH BRUSH is all you need to achieve the perfect blush touch on your cheeks. No need to choose between impactful accents, or a fresh new complexion: this brush is multi-tasking! It is the unconditional accomplice of sublime looks.


Naturally rosy cheeks are just a brush away

With its soft bristles, the LOVLY POWDER & BLUSH BRUSH picks up exactly the amount of blush your cheeks need to look fresh and dewy. Then, it softly blends the color into the skin. Because of its round shape, this brush is equally ideal for L.O.V powders, bronzers or highlighters.

The story behind

Ask any makeup artist: only the right tool can maximize state-of-the-art makeup!
THE Brush Collection includes 5 different tools, each designed for a specific purpose and a specific L.O.V product – in a word each brush is here to achieve a specific result... and to a breathtaking look. Only the best is good enough for superlative makeup!

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