Women We L.O.V


The soft air of spring fills our lungs, and the sweet scent of violets, lilacs and lily of the valley drifts in from the fields and forests and through the streets. The first rays of sun find their way through the last lethargic clouds to kiss our winter-white cheeks awake. Yay, spring is finally here! We are breathing in and freaking out - with joy! Join the celebration.
The world is showing off in its most colorful costume and we are dancing onto the shining stage of spring. As we twist and turn, naturally, our cheeks, eyelids and lips are blushing. And if they don’t? Keep calm and carry on. The L.O.V. "Blushment Blurring Blush” will do the magic trick. Just wave its magic wand over your skin and you’ll look as fresh as a blossoming flower. The shades range from radiant rose (think post-picnic-in-the-park-glow!) to the bright blush only a workout can bring. Once applied to the skin, the two pigment-rich tones merge into a naturally shimmering red and soft contouring becomes easy, even for beginners.
Add a few “Glowrious Deep Metallic Highlights” onto nose, forehead and cheekbones and you’ll shine like a ray of sunshine. The three pink tones are enriched with shimmering gold particles to give your “Welcoming Spring” - look the perfect finish. If that’s at your weekly ladies lunch, or at the first fancy open-air event of the year - you’ll be #nofilter ready in #notime. Enjoy yourself and as always: dare to put yourself first! Because nothing is more attractive than a happy smile.
If you want to enhance your natural beauty with some shimmering highlights but are more the easy going type of girl, the “Shape X Glow” skin-finish palette is just for you. The dark gold packaging is a true treasure trove for your bathroom and its six powdery shades contain everything you need for a stunning spring glow: two illuminating highlighters, a matt and a shimmering blush plus a bronzer. The transparent fixing powder ensures a smooth result, that will last throughout all the twisting and turning. You’ll sweep that spontaneous sunset date off his feet… So let’s get glowing and set-up for a super shiny spring!