Women We L.O.V

All you need is L.O.V!

With summer lurking around the corner, we are craving some sunshine on our skin and the radiant glow it leaves behind. But don’t worry if you’re still stuck at home, turning your dining table from office desk, to creative workbench, to school desk and back. We’ll tell you how to fake it, until you make it. So keep up the spirit, because: all you need is L.O.V!

Our summer products will lighten your heart in no time and turn your terrace into tropical Bali. Well, maybe not quite. But even if we can only dream of the tropics these days, the holiday mood will kick in hands down with a little help from your friends: an exotic scent, a tan boosting bronzer and some shiny lip gloss. Hello there, perfect post-holiday glow!
The warmer it gets outside, the less Make-up you need. As heavy foundations and dark blush bars go into hibernation, loose powders and shimmering highlights kiss awake pale faces and brittle lips. The exotic scent of the LOVsun Blurring Bronzing Powder will beam you straight to paradise while it leaves your skin looking less homeoffice like, but glowing like you’ve just returned from a trip in the tropics. Thanks to the soft-focus effect, it covers up small blemishes and you can use the warm velvety brown shades for easy contouring. If you prefer a sleek sun kissed look, use the bronzer to add just a few highlights on eyelids, cheekbones, forehead and nose.
For the final touch, stick to Grandma’s advice: a mouth without gloss, is like a cake without icing. Just pick your favorite shade or make it match your mood of the day and let’s get glossy! The LOV Volumizer Plumping Serum comes in transparent Pearlized (the suits-us-all), a nude shining Plumprageous, Pink Injection (great on darker skin) or in a rich Lavish Lift Rosé (eye-catcher for bright skin types). Thanks to the unique formula with VOLULIP™ (obtained from a natural plant extract among other things) it hydrates your brittle lockdown lips and adds more volume. Use it regularly over at least 30 days and the effect can last longer, for permanently plumed-up lips! Should you need a little bit more than L.O.V to keep up the spirit, an Açaí Bowl in one hand and a ice cold Cocktail in the other should help you take off. Final destination: Bali, of course!