Eyeshadow Shader

  • Classical eyeshadow shader brush for a breathtaking eye makeup.
  • Dense, rounded bristles allow for an easy and professional eyeshadow application.
  • For effortlessly emphasized and accentuated eyes.
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The enabler of stunning eye makeups.

L.O.V is supportive.
And it creates the perfect prerequisite for stunning moments: Use the THE VISIONist Eyeshadow Shader and a breathtaking eye makeup is just a few strokes away. This brush is the excellent tool to make eyes the center of attention and attraction. With its thick, rounded bristles the Eyeshadow Shader powder textures are applied evenly, easily. It is ideal for accentuating and emphasizing the eyes – for an incredibly elegant look.


The ease of an expert

Using a professional tool might imply a challenging application. But far from it! THE VISIONist Eyeshadow Shader proves that black is white:
With its extremely silky brush, it sweeps color across the lids with an absolute expert accuracy. The domed tip with its densely packed bristles is shaped to work on the browbone, over the lid, and under the orbital bone with detailed accuracy.
L.O.V tip: High-quality synthetic bristles are a great choice! They are long-lasting and do not shed after cleaning thanks to a specific constructive technique.

The story behind

Ask any makeup artist: only the right tool can maximize state-of-the-art makeup!
THE Brush Collection includes 9 different tools, each designed for a specific purpose – in a word each brush is here to achieve a specific result... and a breathtaking look. Only the best is good enough for superlative makeup!
No doubt that the brush collection is an enrichment for every bathroom and cosmetic collection. The extremely silky and densily packed black brush bristles are just stunning with the rosé gold aluminium ferrule and the black handle. Having such a "beauty" and knowing at the same time, that the quality is fantastic, gives great reasons for buying the complete brush collection:
All brushes are manufactured in Italy with 100% renewable energies and - very important - they are cruelty-free and vegan.


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