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  • - Multifunctional brush for eyebrows, eyeshadows and eyeliners
  • - short, angular brush hairs made of fine synthetic hair
  • - very fine and precise brush for detailed work around the eye area
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You can use the Precise Eye Brush in a variety of ways: adding eyeshadow accents and eye make-up highlights, drawing eyelashes easily as well as defining the look of eyebrows. The short, angle brush hairs allows you to draw very precise lines .This makes it ideal to apply creamy eyeliner or to blend in pen applied eyeliner. The head of the Precise Eye Brush is made of synthetic hair, the rose-gold-coloured metal handle is an eye-catcher for your beauty collection. Thanks to its own mesh cover, the brush not only stays in shape for a long time, but is also protected on your travels.



Especially fine lines come easy with the Precise Eye Brush. The angle tip helps you to apply your favourite eyeshadow or eyeliner, because it adapts perfectly to your eyelashes. You can also define and shape the eyebrows with the brush. A little tip: Especially liquid products such as eyeliner or eyebrow gel stick to the brush quickly. That's why it's important to clean the Precise Eye Brush regularly. Thanks to a special processing, the brush loses no hairs.


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