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L.O.V whips brows into shape

Cleanly styled eyebrows shape the face, adding beautiful structure and perfectly rounding off your look. With the BROWttitude product line from L.O.V, you can now easily recreate the latest brow trends from home. The extra-precise BROWttitude Draw & Shape Eyebrow Designer creates expressively shaped eyebrows with a flawless, natural finish. If it’s a straight-from-the-salon look you’re after, check out the BROWttitudeEyebrow Contouring Palette. Start by applying the wax to your brows and shaping them with the small brush. You can then accentuate and fill out the eyebrows using one of the colored powders – or perhaps a mixture of both to achieve the perfect shade for your individual look. To finish, set highlights using the correcting powder. Blending this above or below the arch of the eyebrow will give them even more lift. You can effortlessly sculpt and perfect your brows with the subtly tinted BROWttitude Brow Gel Serum. Its five active ingredients strengthen and restore the eyebrows, creating a natural look and a thicker, more beautiful, healthy-looking brow area. The BROWttitude Brow Gel Serum is available in three tones: for blonde and brunette hair and as a transparent serum that complements all hair types. The practical color match coding on the packaging will help you find your perfect shade.