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Eyes in L.O.V – exclusive products for professionally made-up looks that make them melt

In the L.O.V online store, you’ll find everything you need to expertly showcase your eyes. The PERFECTitude Eyeshadow Primer is an ideal basis for brilliant eye makeup with an immaculate finish. Evening out any slight redness or uneven skin, the primer makes eye shadow last for up to 18 hours. Follow it up with an application of your favorite L.O.V eye shadow – ideally using the Feminine Duo Eyeshadow Brush. Whichever kind of eye makeup you opt for – be that a shimmering metallic look, a velvety matt style, or an iridescent pearl effect – the Stylo Eyeshadows, Mono Eyeshadows, and the exclusive LOViconyx Eyeshadow and Contouring Palette will fulfill even the most exacting standards. L.O.V’s luxurious selection of high-quality mascaras can be used to create an entire array of enchanting looks. The RoyaLASH Superior Strength & Volume Mascara creates a truly luxurious impression with lashes that are three times thicker, stronger, and more voluminous in just 30 days. Offering up to 24 hours of wear, the BestDressed 24H Long-Wear Mascara creates unforgettably beautiful looks with its instant volumizing effect. In the FORBIDDEN Dramatic Volume Mascara, spectacular volume meets unparalleled lift and supremely precise definition – in just one stroke. The GUILTeyes Fan Effect Mascara meanwhile transforms every glance into a moment of irresistible temptation. The elegant LASHaffair line impresses with two variants of mascara: the LASHaffair Curling Bold Lashes Mascara promises a captivatingly curly false-lash effect, while the LASHaffair Lengthening Bold Lashes Mascara fascinates with its incredible lengthening, perfect separation, and sophisticated definition. Precisely applied eyeliner with a gentle flick thickens the lash line and enhances the effect of your mascara, contouring the eyes and giving them charismatic depth. In the L.O.V online store, as well as our exclusive collection of kohl pencils and eyeliners, you will also find an innovative new generation of liquid liners. Despite their elegant looks, these long-lasting, high-gloss liners pack a real punch. The Confidentialiner Eyeliner Pen, for instance, offers a perfect symbiosis of rich-black, intense color and exceptional, long-lasting comfort. Cleanly styled eyebrows provide an ideal framework for expressive eye makeup. They shape the face, adding clear structure and perfectly rounding off your whole look. With the BROWttitude product line from L.O.V, you can easily recreate the latest brow trends from the comfort of your own home.