• Luxurious lashes designed by Hatice Schmidt.
  • Feathery light wearing comfort.
  • Reusable multiple times. Vegan.
No 100 - BERLIN
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Team "Hati" never stops!

No lashes? No way! They have to be long, big and full: false eyelashes are all the rage. They complete the look and give your eyes a grand appearance over and over again. Hatice loves false lashes. That's why she has designed two feathery-light pairs of lashes Hati-Style for L.O.V and has dedicated them to the two cities closest to her heart - "Berlin" and "Istanbul". The eyelashes come in a beautiful box with a clear window and magnetic hinged lid. This lets you can keep your treasures for a long time.


Applying false eyelashes: here's how!

Essential accessories: eyelash curlers and eyelash glue. First, bend your own eyelashes upwards using the eyelash curler, then apply a mascara such as the ILLUSIONeyes 24h Volume & Length False Lash Effect Mascara carefully. Pick up the eyelashes with your fingers and "try them on". If necessary, shorten with nail scissors. Apply glue, not too little, not too much. Professional tip from Hati: let the glue dry for 30 seconds. Then apply the false lashes close to the lash line on the real eyelash hairs - not on the lid. Leave to dry.


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