News from the L.O.V. Lab!

For weeks we have been looking forward to sharing the news from the L.O.V-Lab and finally the time has come! Our make-up experts have developed the perfect multitasking tool with which you can apply your foundation as well as powder, highlighter, blush and concealer: the L.O.V 2in1 Sponge.


Versatile use!

Thanks to its innovative teardrop shape, you can use the sponge in many ways. You apply the foundation with the dark, soft surface. You can use the sponge wet or dry, depending on how you prefer to work and what you feel more comfortable with. Thanks to the specially developed surface, the 2in1 Sponge closes the pores in moisture, so that you only need a small amount of your make-up and do not waste anything. With the soft, rounded underside, you can work the product well into the skin - without streaks and edges for a flawless complexion.


Fits in every handbag!

Are you a professional in front of the mirror and applying highlights, blush and concealer is just as much a part of your morning routine as brushing your teeth? No worries, with the light tip of the sponge you can apply and blend the concealer very precisely and put highlights or blush on the cheekbones and nose bridge. After use, it's best to keep the sponge in the specially developed case, so it stays protected from dirt and bacteria, and your beauty bag as well. Due to the flexible shape, the ultra-light silicone case fits in every handbag and you can easily clean it under warm water. Even if you are not (yet) a make-up artist and are already happy with a hint of powder or a little blush, the Sponge is the perfect make-up tool for you. With the 2in1 Foundation & Concealer Sponge you can easily get every L.O.V look.